What is an exorcism?
An exorcism isn’t generally a single, spiritual action. It’s a process by which the victim of the devil is led from demonic captivity to spiritual wholeness. Whatever the circumstances, no force of darkness can forever resist the united effort of a victim who wills to be free and an exorcist who humbly ministers as unto the Lord.

Why don’t more Christian counselors do exorcisms?
Few ministers have knowingly encountered a demon possessed person. They may feel confident to advise and pray about other problems, but demonic bondage is frightening to some who have little understanding of spiritual warfare.

How is a demon detected?
Some suggest using 1 John 4:3 as a test, but that may be insufficient. Demons are liars and will acknowledge Christ as the Son of God come in the flesh, but only as a statement of fact, not a personal article of belief. Pray that God will permit you to discern the presence of any evil spirits. Antipathy toward the name of Christ or blood of Jesus may indicate demons. Our International School of Exorcism gives specific training on how to identify demons.

Can a Christian have a demon?
A Christian can be demonized in their soul (mind, thoughts, feelings, emotions) but not their spirit which has been born again. If Satan can affect our speech when we are disobedient and fill our hearts with evil when we are rebellious, he can do more to Christians than most ministers would like to admit.

What is a demon?
A demon is an evil, fallen angel which encourages sin in the hearts of the morally weak. That’s not to say that every vice is necessarily demonic, but much evil behavior is incited by indwelling demons. As Christ declared in John 10:10, demons seek to steal, kill, and destroy.

Can someone have a demon without knowing?
Demons do not normally reveal their presence unless they are threatened by prayer and fasting. Most people who have demons don’t realize the depth of their bondage, unless the demon attacks them supernaturally.

When is a person ready for an exorcism?
Not everyone who has a demon is ready to be exorcised. Three factors affect this decision: the willingness of the victim, the spiritual preparedness of the exorcist, and the weakened condition of the demons.

Where do demons go when they are cast out?
Every time I have cast demons to the pit, they have pleaded not be sent there. I’ve confronted demons which screamed, writhed, and begged to avoid the pit.

What is a curse?
Curses are exacting, legal arrangements in the spirit world, usually granted by the evil of ancestors. Satanic curses are often invoked with exacting details that require a detailed voiding by verbal renunciation through prayer.

How are curses broken?
A curse is broken in the same way it is established. If the curse was a verbal commitment, the victim needs to verbally renounce the curse. If ritualistic ceremonialism surrounded the curse, the victim needs to go through certain actions that physically and emotionally express the undoing of the curse. If documents were signed, the victim should write a legal statement voiding the curse. It is the power of prayer that breaks a curse. As I say, “A curse isn’t broken until it’s broken, but when it’s broken, it is broken.”

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