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Demons Enter by Sun Gazing

You may not be aware of my topic, “Sun Gazing,” but it’s a huge fad among many New Agers and spiritually disaffected youth. Let me warn you up front. It’s dangerous both physically and spiritually. I have ministered to many people who’ve tried it. Some experienced eye damage. Others escaped severe retinal problems, but their sun gazing got them something even worse — demons! Let’s start by explaining what this new fascination with staring directly ...
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Don’t Host a Ghost

Would anyone deliberately want to host a ghost in their home? According to a published article in a real estate web site, a recent homebuyer in Seattle was checking out an “open house” for sale when ...

Do This or Demons Won’t Go

My schedule is filled every day, five days a week and sometimes more, with virtual and in-person encounters. When I make a bold statement about how demons enter and what makes them leave, it’s based on ...

Demons Enter by Fear

When I started in deliverance ministry, one of the first lessons about evil spirits that I learned was this: Fear is the most common right of entry for demons. In fact, I believe that more people ...

Are Demons Stronger at Halloween?

Are demons stronger at Halloween? It certainly seems so. If you’ve looked around the past couple of months you’ve seen death, darkness, murder, and mayhem depicted everywhere—in store displays, your neighbor’s front yard, and even hospitals ...

Happy Halloween-Christmas!

“Happy Halloween-Christmas!” That greeting may sound odd to some, even blasphemous. But mixing the two days is a sign of cultural and spiritual decadence. If you haven’t noticed, the two most-celebrated days of the year, Halloween ...

Can We Just Ignore Halloween?

Like many of you, I just want Halloween to go away. This year, I started seeing Halloween stuff on store shelves the first week of August. THREE MONTHS EARLY! Now, merchandising is overwhelming. A couple of ...

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