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3 Words that Drive out the Devil!

When I first started ministering deliverance and exorcism it was a steep learning curve. There was no internet to share experiences and information. There were few books on the topic, and no communication portals to know who else was doing deliverance. I was the first person to use the web to demonstrate deliverance. Now there are hundreds, and the number is growing. Things have drastically changed. This phenomenon is mostly good. But I have concerns …

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Can Satan Kill You?

Can Satan kill you? NO. The idea that the devil can take your life is a lie. Christian or non-Christian, Satan can’t make you pull the trigger of a gun. Force you to down a bottle …


Can Hindu Gurus Give You Peace?

Actor Will Smith isn’t punching anyone out these day as he did at the Oscars. Instead, he has flown to India with his family to meet with a Hindu guru to resolve his anger problem. This …


Demons Doomed Johnny & Amber’s Marriage

Things are not well in America. Inflation is out of control and middle America is suffering. In Wisconsin, a 14-year-old kid was just charged with raping and killing a 10-year-old girl. (His father is a convicted …


#1 Way to Get a Demon

Let me state clearly. I don’t want you to get a demon. I’m not telling you the #1 way to get one so you will open your life to demonization. This is a warning about WHAT …


Worst Demon You’ve Never Heard Of

I want to make you aware of the worst demon you’ve never heard of. Here’s how I met this demon. I was at our ministry center in Phoenix, Arizona, having an in-person encounter session. An individual …


4 Ways to Get Ready for Deliverance

If you are interested in seeking deliverance, how do you prepare yourself? Simply put, the best way to get free from Satan is to make the devil weary and unwelcome. Demons sometimes say to me, “I …

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