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Christians Aren’t Curse-Free

Being a Christian isn’t being curse-free. Let me repeat that because it’s a revolutionary idea for most followers of Christ. Christians aren’t automatically free from curses by being saved. To understand why Christians need to break curses, you must first know this: repentance is not renunciation. Being forgiven of a sin is not the same as breaking the power of its consequences. Paul told us in Ephesians 5:11 that we are to have “no fellowship ...
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Having Demons Isn’t Unusual

Having demons isn’t unusual. Most think that being demon possessed is a rare and bizarre occurrence. But in fact, most individuals invaded by an evil spirit are otherwise normal in their behavior. But there is always ...

Beware Monitoring Spirits

Ever feel like someone is constantly looking over your shoulder? That there is a presence in your house? You may hear sounds or feel a cold chill in the air now and then. Perhaps, you see ...

A Dangerous Demon You Don’t Expect

You may have a dangerous demon that you never expected would attack you. Among those who show interest in deliverance, they tend to focus on evil spirits most commonly thought of. This includes demons such as ...

Stop Talking about the Devil!

Stop talking about the devil! I’ve heard that for most of my ministry. I will stop talking about the devil when I’m dead or when the Lord comes. Why am I so adamant about this? For ...

Paradox of Demons

What is a paradox of demons? Let me describe want I mean. Many of you have come to understand that sincere Christian can be attacked by demons, and you have been criticized by other Christians for ...

How Curses Target Your Life

How do curses target your life? This spiritual process of evil isn’t as simple nor as direct as you may think. It has taken me decades of ministry in spiritual warfare to understand what I’m going ...

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