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Times Have Changed And We’re Changing!

Few things re the same anymore. Masks. Baseball with no fans. Riots in the streets. Elective surgeries curtailed. We’re not sitting back passively. On Wednesdays we stream live exorcisms every other week. On alternate weeks, we teach on topics like Satanism, yoga, Mormonism, and Freemasonry. Soon you’ll be able to join our new Members-Only Channel featuring: “Exorcism Explained”-Personal commentary by Bob as he casts out demons “Uncensored Exorcism”-Raw footage of exorcisms no one has ever …

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Sex, Lies, and the Lodge

Last week our Wednesday Livestream on YouTube was about Freemasonry. If you missed it, it is now posted on our Bob Larson Exorcism Channel. Check it out. We heard from those who lives have been tormented because of ancestors involved in the Lodge. We explored many aspects of Freemasonry, but two underlying issues …


Demons & Adam’s Apple

We live in the End Times, and we’re now experiencing the most widespread persecution of Christians since saints were fed to the lions in the colosseum. This attack on faith has many faces. Some are overt, …

Ministry Update

COVID Has Changed Life As We Know It!

Churches are closed. Travel is difficult. Riots and looting in our streets. Our ministry is launching new ways to set the captives free! On Wednesdays we stream live exorcisms every other week. On alternate weeks, we …


Witchcraft and Mt. Rushmore

George Washington. Thomas Jefferson. Theodore Roosevelt. Abraham Lincoln. Those are the great Americans whose likenesses are carved in granite on Mount Rushmore, in South Dakota. This symbol of freedom, democracy, and the American dream draws more …


Legalized Threesomes

COVID-19 has brought us a lot of things: mandatory face masks, stay-in-place sheltering, closed churches, and record unemployment; and now, with coronavirus as a justification, legal domestic partnerships with sexual couplings of three or more. A …

Ministry Update

Our ministry is not spiritually sheltering in place!

We’re not hunkering down, waiting for COVID-19 to pass! SINCE AMERICA SHUT DOWN, BY GOD’S GRACE WE HAVE FAITHFULLY . . .·      Ministered by YouTube live streaming twice each week.·      Every Sunday morning teaching and communion service·      Every Wednesday …

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