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Nancy Pelosi’s Perversion

Of all the egregious acts of Nancy Pelosi, none is more radical and anti-God than this. Last week, the Speaker of the House of Representatives pushed through, by a party-line vote of 217-206, a resolution banning gender specific terms in official business of the House. Gone are words like mother, father, son, daughter, sister, and brother. No more aunts and uncles and stepparents. Himself and herself are now themselves. Emanuel Cleaver, a Representative and Methodist …

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Ministry Update

A Word from the Lord for the New Year! 2021 — A Year of Liberation!

Some Christians are terrified of Joe Biden‘s election. Others are frightened by the lingering COVID pandemic. I expect the greatest year ever for people to get free from demonic bondage. If you worry about Joe Biden, …


Porn Prodigal Son

Even people who don’t read the Bible have heard the parable Christ told of the so-called prodigal son. The account in Luke 15 tells of a wealthy man who had two sons. One, who was rebellious, …

Ministry Update

Beyond Covid! Setting Captives FREE!

Dear Friend and Partner, In 2020, COVID shut down our largest source of outreach and revenue, seminars. But God showed us how to reinvent our ministry online. Since March, 9 months, we have… Ministered in over …


Dollars For The Dalai Lama

The U.S. Congress has passed a massive $2.3 trillion 5,600-page spending bill with assistance for those whose finances have been affected by COVID-19. The bill includes $600 each for many Americans. But buried among the outlandish …


Worst Demon on Earth

Of all the demons I’ve faced, which is the worst? The answer is easy. The most vile, disgusting, and pernicious is the Demon of Incest. The influence of this evil spirit leads to perhaps the most …


Lilith, Abortion, & Biden

If you aren’t familiar with the evil spirit Lilith check out our YouTube exorcism channel. My book Jezebel describes Lilith as Jezebel on steroids. In occult, kabbalistic Judaism, Lilith is believed to be the true wife …

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