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5 Ways To Detect If You Have Demons

With all the talk these days of demons and deliverance, how would I know if you had a demon? I’m going to give you five ways to detect if you do. Of course, there are hundreds of ways that demons enter. But I have broken this down into the five areas demons most generally attack the human condition. This applies in every culture on every socioeconomic level. What I’m saying isn’t exhaustive. If you want …

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Some Demons Do & Other Demons Are

I have an unusual question. What kind of demon do you have? You may think that you don’t have demons. But what if you did? What sort of evil spirit would you want to be on …


Can The Devil Read Your Mind?

Can the devil read your mind? Most people hope that he can’t, but they aren’t sure. Even those who are Christians wonder if Satan knows what they’re thinking, at least some of the time. The answer …


5 Things Necessary to Cast Out Demons

Talk of deliverance is everywhere in the Christian community. It has become almost faddish to speak of casting out demons, especially among Christians of Gen X and Z. This is cause for much rejoicing and some …


Latest New Age Fad – Dark Room Demons!

Three-time NFL-MVP Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers is off on another spiritual journey to nowhere. Twice he has jetted to Peru to take part in witchcraft ceremonies involving the hallucinogenic drug ayahuasca. A shaman …


This Demon And Its Snakes Will Surprise You!

The demon Jezebel has many forms and prototypes of evil. These are alternate identities with different names that have emerged throughout history.  My book “Jezebel—Defeating Your #1 Spiritual Enemy” lists some of them: Isis, Artemis, Ashtoreth, …


Think You Have Demons? Quickly Do These 3 Things!

You’re likely reading this blog because you suspect that you might have demons. Perhaps you are tormented in supernatural ways. Possibly a friend or loved one who has shown an interest in the topic of deliverance. …

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