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Our members-only channel offers you unprecedented access to exclusive videos and in-depth teaching information for spiritual warriors. The YouTube channel is set up for a membership at consecutive levels offering Custom Badges and Emojis, up to six new monthly channel exclusive videos, special discounts, and more! At level three you have access to Accelerated Deliverance Training that builds on the invaluable knowledge of the International School of Exorcism and the Advanced Academy of Deliverance. The channel will appeal to people who want to learn how to get free or for those who are called to minister deliverance. Join now and unlock the Spiritual Warrior within you!


Behind the Scenes (video)
Curse Breaking (video)
Web Store discount (10%)
Community Forum

LEVEL #2 – SOLDIER ($7.99)
All Level 1 perks plus:
Exorcism Explained (video)
Exorcism Uncut (video)
Free/SFC selected MP4 website download

LEVEL #3 – COMMANDER ($19.99)
All Level 1 & 2 perks plus:
Accelerated Deliverance Training (video)
Bob Larson Archive footage (video/retro, archives)
ISE/AAD Discount ($75 applicable one time)
Bob Larson moderated forum


Behind the Scenes:  Go behind the scenes after Wednesday night’s “I Have A Demon.” Continue the journey of freedom and see what happens when Bob Larson ministers to individuals who need additional help. Experience firsthand seemingly unsolvable cases resolved through the power of Christ. Hear the stories of courageous individuals and share in their victories.

Curse Breaking: Receive the power of Bob Larson’s curse breaking prayers for yourself and your family. To get free from curses, you must confront generational issues which are often unknown but need to be exposed. Bob leads viewers in powerful affirmations to close doors to demons. Confess biblical truths with Bob using specific prayers that are focused on targeted areas of spiritual weakness.

Exorcism Explained: This video is a new and effective concept to understand the enemy’s tactics. Bob Larson comments on exorcisms he has performed and walks the audience step-by-step through the deliverance process. He explains the strategies and techniques of taking on the enemy. This engaging series provides information for deliverance teams and individuals who want to harness the power of spiritual warfare strategies. Discover how to overcome roadblocks facing deliverance ministers.

Exorcism Uncut: Members will have a rare opportunity to witness an entire, uncut, unabridged exorcism. This format allows viewers to see in real-time how the process of exorcism ministry unfolds. All the aspects of deliverance will be revealed, from confronting the demon, breaking the legal rights, releasing strongholds, renouncing the enemy, and then casting out the demon to the PIT!

Accelerated Deliverance Training: This is Dr. Bob Larson’s monthly training video for Commanders who want to take deliverance to its highest level. This video series is beneficial for people just starting out in deliverance as well as experienced deliverance teams in action. Accomplished ministers understand that deliverance/exorcism is dynamic, and that preparation and knowledge is almost endless. Every day Bob faces new demonic situations and learns new strategies. He shares his vast experience with you so you can be on the cutting edge of developments in spiritual warfare. This video series is a great addition to the instruction found in our International School of Exorcism and Advanced Academy of Deliverance.

Bob Larson Archive Footage: This video presentation in our YouTube landscape features unusual exorcisms, including retro clips of Bob Larson’s earlier exorcisms, and past media documentaries from our archives. This footage has never been seen before on YouTube. Witness the many ways through the years that Bob has battled the enemy’s attempts to steal our joy, family, finances, health, peace, and our lives.

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