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A Christ-powered media streaming channel that will show millions the DUNAMIS of Jesus in spiritual warfare! Are you ready to gain access to exclusive content not available anywhere else? We have created a private platform specially created for members-only. Your exclusive membership to the platform provides access to the latest content such as exorcisms, teachings, interviews and behind the scenes footage not available anywhere else. Don’t miss out, join today.

Life-Changing Information Easily Searchable By Topic

Searching for specific topics has never been easier. Whether you seek guidance on healing, deliverance, curse breaking, angelic encounters, spiritual gifts, or deep spiritual wisdom, our user-friendly search feature empowers you to navigate through a multitude of subjects effortlessly.

Are you familiar with the word “dunamis”? For millennia, this powerful term has been used to describe an instantaneous display of supernatural, divine power. The apostle Paul in Hebrews 2:4 says that God’s plan of salvation itself is identified “by signs, wonders and various miracles (dunamesin).” From ancient times to today’s church age, displaying Dunamis — typically called miracles — is reality for people who engage in the ministry of exorcism.  

The Chi Rho symbol is one of the most powerful Christian symbols that is often used to represent the name “Christ”, by superimposing two Greek letters, Chi (X) and Rho (P). For Christians, the Chi Rho symbol has been a source of strength and inspiration for centuries. 

Bob Larson’s XDunamis platform honors the power and reliance we have on the Holy Spirit by combining the word dunamis and the symbols Chi Rho as the name of our new platform.  XDunamis means “The Power of Christ.”



May was the last month of our YouTube “Members Only Channel.” It will soon be upgraded with an expanded offering of audio and video presentations. These will include real-life exorcisms, “Talk-Back with Bob Larson” radio shows, Q&A with Bob, advanced deliverance training, blogs/vlogs on important issues as they happen, special haunted house features AND MORE!


As a special thank you, current YouTube Members Only (MOC) will be given an opportunity to be grandfathered in with a special introductory enrollment. 


Watch The Exorcisms That YouTube Censors Experience the Power of Christ Like Never Before!

The Exorcist Files: Bob Larson’s vast collection of exorcisms, teachings, and behind the scenes footage, expanding every day! 

Nearly 200 spiritual warfare training videos from our archives.

Hundreds of supernatural exorcisms filmed live in real life.

Hundreds of teaching video blogs/shorts arranged topically for easy access.

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Exclusive Members-Only Webinars

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Including Bob’s Brand-New Produced Feature Films!

A Full-Length Never Seen Before Haunted House Visit!

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