The Truth About the Highland Park Shooting


On July 4, 2022, Robert Crimo III unleashed a hail of bullets on a crowd attending an
Independence Day parade in Highland Park, Illinois. He used a Smith & Wesson M&P 15
to carry out the attack, killing seven and injuring 47. He now faces at least 7 first degree
murder charges. The attack had been planned for weeks with detailed drawings of his intentions.
With a ladder he climbed to the top of a sporting goods store and began firing on innocent men,
women, and children below. Afterwards, his family said little, but his father issued a statement
saying, We are good people. Sorry, the facts dont support that. Why this kid killed isn’t all that
puzzling when you know the truth. Lets break this down by sharing facts about the killer and
his family. You’ll see that, not only was this evil predictable, but it was demonically rooted in the
family dynamics.

THE FAMILY IN GENERAL (The killer — Robert Crimo III; the dad — Robert Crimo II; the mom — Denise Pesina): Nearly a dozen calls to the family home were made by police over the years. Pesina gave contradictory statements about marriage problems, and Crimo II, the father, usually left for the night without arrests being made. The killer’s father claimed that his wife, Pesina, hit him with a screwdriver, scratched him, and threw his belongings on the floor. Both parents were frequently intoxicated. His father sponsored the gun permit used to buy the murder weapon because the killer was underage. He did so although his son had threatened to kill the family. Crimo II was cited for selling alcohol to minors out of a deli that he ran.

ROBERT CRIMO III: During his formative years he was traumatized. He was deprived of a sense of empathy for others because of how his parents treated him. His mother left Crimo III in a hot car as a toddler for 27 minutes. She was charged with endangering the life and health of a child and sentenced to 100 hours of community service. One must wonder what this trauma did to the infant. Crimo III, had been cited for underage tobacco possession and theft from a Macy’s store. He owned a sex doll he called Sophie and posted photos of the doll hanging by its neck in a closet saying, Sophie killed herself. He ranted online against black people, Jewish people, and denied the Holocaust. He tried to kill himself multiple times. Family friends warned the parents who did nothing. He also indulged in self harm. He threatened to kill his whole family and the police confiscated 16 knives from him in addition to a 24-inch samurai sword. His parents claimed they knew nothing of their son’s social media and his self-proclaimed rap career as ‘Awake the Rapper’ or his obsession with the number 47, linked to the day he committed the crimes.

But it’s his mother who gives us the deepest spiritual insights into why this happened.   

THE MOTHER (Denise Pesina, 48): Before marrying the killer’s father, she had an illegitimate child with a man named Steven Brown. In 1999 she sought a protective order against Brown claiming he sexually assaulted her 4-year-old daughter, the killer’s half-sister. Brown killed himself by carbon monoxide poisoning. Whatever was already spiritually skewed in the life of Denise, this suicide passed on to her a spirit of death. In 2012 she was sentence to a year’s probation and 100 hours of community service for a DUI and a failed sobriety test. Though married to the killer’s father, she apparently had a boyfriend named David who once called the police claiming that Pesina had bitten him, drawing blood. He alleged that Pesina was hit by her husband, Crimo II. The murderer’s mother was immersed in occult witchcraft. Pesina ran a business named Trilogy Energy Systems, a Reiki energy healing enterprise. According to her Facebook page she studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at Shanghai University and Hindu occult medicine at the Ayurvedic Institute. The web site for Trilogy features the demonic eye of Horus, the Egyptian god, a symbol believed to have magical powers and used by the Illuminati. The site also claims that Pesina is a graduate of the New Age Spa Institute, belongs to Universal Life Church Ministries (a religious credentialing mill), and she also practices “Shamanic Indigenous Plant Medicine” from witchcraft in Peru and Brazil. To quote her web site directly: Trilogy Energy Systems is committed to the wellbeing of ALL energy systems. One person has the ability to influence innumerous lives. Beginning with your healing, you have the ability to emit higher vibrational frequencies affecting all of those around you. These vibrational frequencies are filled with healing energy affecting patterns of lower vibrations, thus changing thought patterns and cell consistency. The universal frequencies accessed through healing will reach a broader spectrum of space and time, opening up new levels of abilities and resources. These new levels of abundance will not only be accessible in your life, but in the lives of all of those you love, reaching ever so farther than you can imagine. Imagine intertwining these frequencies with others on a healing path, creating a web of transformation across the universe, healing all of those who cannot heal themselves.

Here’s what we can conclude from this tragedy. This horrible happening was preventable if one or more of the egregious circumstances had been different. Dad probably had demons. Without question, the mom had demons. And it’s unquestionable that the demons this kid inherited (and then picked up on his own) orchestrated the murders.  

1)This family gives new meaning to the word dysfunctional. Crimo the killer was raised with little empathy, emotional security, or core spiritual values. He was a murderer waiting to kill or cause bodily harm at some point.

2)The father seems clueless, disconnected, and devoid of sensibilities on how to raise a child. But being married to Jezebel didn’t help this Ahab. 

3)The mother is a full-blown witch in biblical terms. Some have suggested she has also embraced Mormonism which didn’t help matters spiritually. Whatever demons Robert Crimo III had a birth were augmented by the extra demons his mother’s beliefs piled on him.

Jeremiah 31:29 speaks of a generation whose fathers have “eaten sour grapes” and as a result the “children’s teeth are set on edge.” The evil of one geJeremiah 31:29 speaks of a generation whose fathers have “eaten sour grapes” and as a result the “children’s teeth are set on edge.” The evil of one generation visits the next. Obviously, Ephesians 6:4 was not a scripture known to the Crimo home: “Fathers, do not provoke your children to wrath.” In the Crimo family, that is exactly what happened. And this Ahab father and Jezebel mother set the stage for immeasurable death and suffering. Politicians need to stop blaming guns and start demanding that American families get their homes in order. That’s the real truthful takeaway from the Highland Park Shooting.

An Encouraging Word


Not long ago, while traveling, I was ill a few days. But my being sick turned into a blessing in some very personal ways. Lying in bed and eating only crackers for several days certainly gives one time for contemplation. This raises a question? Does God sometimes allow sickness and suffering for a greater good? Some say, “No,” God wouldn’t deliberately make us ill. I agree, but what about the statement in Romans 8:28 that “all things” work together for good? All I know is that in my weakness He was made stronger. Even in suffering there are lessons to be learned, and what the devil means for bad, God can turn into good.

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