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Porn Prodigal Son

Even people who don’t read the Bible have heard the parable Christ told of the so-called prodigal son. The account in Luke 15 tells of a wealthy man who had two sons. One, who was rebellious, asked to receive his portion of the family’s inheritance before it was due. With the money, he traveled to …

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A Word from the Lord for the New Year! 2021 — A Year of Liberation!

Some Christians are terrified of Joe Biden‘s election. Others are frightened by the lingering COVID pandemic. I expect the greatest year ever for people to get free from demonic bondage. If you worry about Joe Biden, does the name Nero ring a bell? We’re not yet being eaten by lions in arenas. Whoever is President, …

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Worst Demon on Earth

Of all the demons I’ve faced, which is the worst? The answer is easy. The most vile, disgusting, and pernicious is the Demon of Incest. The influence of this evil spirit leads to perhaps the most disgusting and detrimental moral crime in human history. Incest is sexual activity between blood relatives, or those connected by …

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You Have a Demon

You, yes you, have a demon. Perhaps not everyone reading this, but the majority. You are demonized and don’t know it. Forget about the notion that demon-possessed people are like zombies from the “Night of the Living Dead.” In most cases, demons don’t display their presence to the unsuspecting. They hide. They burrow deep in …

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Six New Videos Available Dec. 1

Sword Bearer LevelBEHIND THE SCENES – Follow-up on Lori’s Blood Sacrifice DemonCURSE BREAKING – The Spirit of Fear Soldier Level (Sword Bearer Videos Plus 2 More!)EXORCISM EXPLAINED – Hindu demons in Chinese womanEXORCISM UNCUT – Exorcism of German man Pt. 2 Commander Level (Sword Bearer & Soldier Videos Plus 2 More!)ACCELERATED DELIVERANCE – Overcome Deliverance …

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