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Are You a Spirit Spouse?

Nine years ago, I wrote “Jezebel, Your #1 Spiritual Enemy.” I included a chapter on the incubus spirit and sexual cohabitation between humans and demons. Before that, no one in the Christian community had dared to speak publicly about demonic-human sexual experiences. People had spoken of the Nephilim and the conjecture of Genesis 6:2: “And …

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Is It Me Or The Devil?

When the temptation to sin seems overwhelming; when life goes terribly wrong; when horrible thoughts enter your mind; do you ever ask this question: “Is it me or the devil?” Or to put the question another way, “Is what I’m going through part of life’s challenges, or am I under demonic attack? There is no …

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Go Woke, Go Spiritually Broke

In 2017 the Oxford English Dictionary, a linguistics standard for the English language, officially christened the word “woke.” The definition given was “to be aware of, and actively attentive to, important facts and issues (especially racial and social justice).” In response to that, three significant words have been used to achieve the woke goal—disparity, equity, …

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