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UFOs Are Demons

After a few years of lesser interest, concern about UFO sightings is back again. Culture has always been captivated by ideas of aliens with movies like “Close Encounters” (1977), “E.T.” (1982), “Roswell” (1994), and “Contact” (1997). Since the 50s, sightings of UFOs and aliens have swirled around places such as Roswell, New Mexico, and Area 51 …

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Six New Videos Available in June!

Sword Bearer LevelBEHIND THE SCENES – Bob deals with a husband and wife who both manifest powerful demons!CURSE BREAKING – Break the spiritual roots of depression curses. Soldier Level (Sword Bearer Videos Plus 2 More!)EXORCISM EXPLAINED – Jezebel attacks exorcist Bob Larson!EXORCISM UNCUT – Thomas battles Hindu demons, Aztec spirits, and Leviathan!! Commander Level (Sword …

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Conjuring 3 – The devil made them do it!

The 3rd installment of “The Conjuring” movie series releases next week in theaters. It is entitled “The Devil Made Me Do It.” This film is part of what’s known as the Conjuring Universe, an official franchise with a logo. The first two films have spun off other movies about the Conjuring entities, including the “Annabelle” series and “The …

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For two thousand years Christians have wondered, “How will the whole earth be controlled by the Antichrist and receive the Mark of the Beast?” The online giant now gives us a glimpse. Several years ago, Jeff Bezos (no friend of Christian values), the founder and president of, bought the grocery chain Whole Foods. …

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