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Not a bad way to begin 2015. Praise the Lord for these open doors. No matter what the religious world thinks, the secular media readily reports on what God is doing as we preach the message of salvation, healing, and spiritual liberation.

There are other opportunities to reach the lost and hurting — if only we had the financial resources to seize every situation. That’s why your tithes and offerings are so critical!

This media exposure of Christ’s message COSTS US NOTHING. Unlike many other ministries, we’re not spending millions of dollars BUYING air time to preach to the choir. God allows us to reach THE LOST with massive secular audiences watching and listening.

But we do desperately need your support to keep our ministry active and effective.

To Him be the Glory! Please do what you can today to keep our vision alive of using secular TV to reach the unchurched. Thank you for sending a generous gift.

Doing What Jesus Did, Pastor Bob Larson

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