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Welcome to Bob Larson's Spiritual Freedom Church

The photos of these three women are worth thousands of words. That’s why I’m showing them to you again. But this time I’ve added photos of their deliverances.

Their smiles of joy would not have been possible without the anguish of their exorcisms. These photos show pain turned to rejoicing. Beauty for ashes. Freedom from bondage.

These contrasting photos demonstrate the important of this ministry and the importance of your financial support.

Seven weeks ago I warned of an 80% drop in giving. With the help of friends and partners we partially recovered. Now, we are back where we started seven weeks ago. With so many powerful spiritual blessings, like the three women above, it’s a shame that I have to plead with our friends to keep this ministry strong financially.

I need your help desperately. Give the best gift you can–$1,000, $500, even $100 or $50. Things are so tight I still can’t send you an offer in return. Thanks for understanding and sharing any gift of any size.

Doing What Jesus Did, Pastor Bob Larson


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