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This past week I had a full schedule of Personal Spiritual Encounter sessions in New York City. While there, I was joined by a camera crew from Denmark National Television. DR-TV, as it is known, is Denmark’s largest electronic media enterprise. Through DR the Danish government is funding a national documentary on the subject of exorcism. When the program is aired in the fall, virtually the entire nation of Denmark will witness our ministry in action.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark is the state religion. In reality, church attendance is so low that, according to a 2010 poll, only 28% of Danes believe that there is a God. Less than 5% of the population attends church on Sunday. In fact, due to immigration, Islam is the country’s second largest religious group!

In such a situation, how could it be possible to bear witness to the reality of the Gospel? Through the demonstration of Christ’s miraculous power by exorcism and deliverance. Please pray that when this national program airs in September that millions of Scandinavians (it will also air in Sweden, Norway, and Finland) will awaken to the truth that God is not dead but He is very much alive and setting free those bound by Satan.

P. S. Reaching the lost through secular TV is only possible because of your faithful tithes and offerings. Every year through various secular media we reach many millions of souls by demonstrating, in a practical way, that Jesus saves and delivers! Please help us this week. 

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