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Welcome to Bob Larson's Spiritual Freedom Church


This picture explains why I endure sleepless, jet-lagged nights and weeks away from my family. It’s why I leave my safety zone for the war zone; why I leave the comforts of my own bed for strange hotel rooms in distance, even dangerous places.

These students, from more than a dozen nations, represent the second year that we’ve taught deliverance to an international student body of pastors and church leaders. The graduates of our International School of Exorcism Ukraine Campus will go back to Russia, Europe, and many Baltic countries to declare the message of spiritual freedom from sin and Satan. 

Seeing these earnest, yearning, and spiritually hungry faces long to learn spiritual warfare is the fulfilment of a lifelong vision. As a partner with this ministry, you make it possible with your prayers and financial support. We return to America leaving this legacy behind. We also return with a mountain of unpaid bills due to our absence.Your gift this week of $100, $50, even $20 will allow us to take the Gospel of Jesus beyond America’s shores. 

Doing What Jesus Did, Pastor Bob Larson