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My heart is broken day after day as I encounter real ministry in a real world. A few days ago I wept over the life of a woman whom we’ll call Kathrine, for privacy reasons.

Kathrine was incested by her father, raped twice, suffered three abortions, seven miscarriages, multiple molestations, drug abuse, and four broken marriages. She sought many counselors and deliverance ministries, but the torment never ended. Kathrine found me on YouTube and in desperation scheduled a Personal Spiritual Encounter.

Her problem? A curse going back hundreds of years to the sacrifice of babies to Lucifer. This may all sound far-fetched to comfortable Christians in ease-oriented churches. But it’s the real world of broken lives all around us. If you spent a day in ministry with me, you’d hear stories like this over and over, and some a lot worse.

Kathrine left our session a changed woman. The heaviness was gone. Her smile was back. There was hope and healing written all over her face.

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