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Anthony didn’t know me and he didn’t know the Lord. A friend invited him to our seminar but Anthony had no idea what might happen. Imagine his surprise when I spotted him in the audience and said, “Young man, you have demons.”

After his initial shock, Anthony admitted that he wasn’t a Christian. I led him in a sinner’s prayer, and then I got on with the exorcism — confronting an evil and violent demon of Anger and Hate. After an intense physical struggle Anthony, crumpled to the floor, flat on his back. When he got up, the sullen, bitter look on his face was gone. Earlier he hung his head, dejected and withdrawn. Now he couldn’t stop talking and bounded around the room from one person to another excitedly expressing his joy.

“The Lord brought me back to life,” he said, broadly grinning. “New meaning, new world, new everything. This was something you don’t believe until you go through it.”

One more testimonial among so many, confirming the Lord’s anointing and blessing upon this ministry. By God’s grace we are being faithful day after day, week after week, to bring the lost to Jesus. Please be faithful sending your tithes and offerings to set the captives free!


Doing What Jesus Did, Pastor Bob Larson

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