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Dr. Bob Larson is widely regarded as the world’s foremost deliverance minister and exorcist. His passion to set people free has led him to successfully publicly minister in person to more than two million people in over 100 countries. In excess of 40,000 individuals have personally attained freedom in Christ through personal exorcisms. President of the rapidly-growing, online International School of Exorcism© and Advanced Academy of Deliverance, Larson devotes himself to equipping pastors and lay people with ministry tools for spiritual warfare, otherwise unavailable.


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You, yes you, have a demon. Perhaps not everyone reading this, but the majority. You are demonized and don’t know it. Forget about the notion …

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You, yes you, have a demon. Perhaps not everyone reading this, but the majority. You are demonized and don’t know it. Forget about the notion that demon-possessed people are like zombies from the “Night of the Living Dead.” In most cases, demons don’t display their presence to the unsuspecting. They hide. They burrow deep in the mind and emotions. They come out when it suits their purposes but otherwise work their evil schemes undetected. Demons are like a metastasizing cancer that is initially painless and unnoticeable, but in the end, left unchallenged, kills.