February 8, 2016

Is It A Curse?

. On our YouTube Exorcism Channel (www.youtube.com/boblarsonexorcism) we present, from our archives, a selected exorcism every other week. On alternate weeks, we run episodes of “Ask the Exorcist.” Since launching this feature, I’ve been astounded at the diversity of questions and the countries from which our viewers watch. In addition to America and Europe, we …

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Christians With Demons

A friend of mine recently compiled a slightly tongue-in-check list of things to do if a Christian manifests a demon.  My friend, like me, understands that Christians can be demonized and knows exactly what to do in such a situation; but what about the believer who witnesses a full-blown demonic manifestation from a Christian who …

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Brain Power

What’s on your mind? At any given moment, whatever you are thinking is a miniscule amount of information compared to what your brain is capable of processing. Recent research at the prestigious Salk Institute has discovered that the human brain is so efficient that it is able to store more than ten times what scientists …

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