Cursed and Proud of It

A few days ago, as I was leaving my office after a brief visit, I saw an SUV backed into a parking spot directly in front of the exit door. My eyes were immediately drawn to the SUV license plate which read: CURSED1. My home state of Arizona allows such self-descriptive plates for a fee, …

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I Have Been Cursed!

I sometimes get the question, “Have you, Bob Larson, ever had an exorcism?” The answer is, “No.” I have not had demons cast out of me. But I have been through deliverance prayers with mature Christians connected to this ministry, men whom I spiritually trust. I gave them permission to probe as deeply as they …

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How Many Ways to God?

Is there one God or many? Does it matter what we call him? One of the classical sayings of Hinduism is this: “God is one, but we call him by many names.” The idea is that all paths that believe in a Supreme Being eventually end up in the same place. Call it Nirvana, Paradise, …

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