5 Ways Your Demons are Hiding

Every day I deal with people whose demons are hiding. They may have a sin or shortcomings they can’t overcome. Pornography plagues them; blasphemous thoughts dart through their mind; feelings of despair so strong they momentarily consider suicide. These are a few examples, but you get the idea. Otherwise, they seem okay spiritually. They love …

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Yellowstone Could Damn Your Soul

It’s the most-watched cable TV, streaming show in history. Now in its 5th season, the neo-western “Yellowstone” commands audiences of more than 12 million with some episodes. The series showcases a tough talking, hard living Montana family with a massive ranch, “Dallas” style (Remember that 80’s TV show?). The ranch, named Yellowstone, is supposedly the …

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Are Psychic Gifts Dangerous?

Are psychic gifts dangerous? YES! But not according to a university lecturer in England. Dr. Richard Sugg, author or 13 books, recently told Durham University students that they should welcome ghosts, poltergeists, and so-called lucid dreams. According to Sugg, these paranormal phenomena mean the recipient of such things is gifted with psychic abilities that should …

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