May 21, 2018

Jezebel Volcano

By the time you read this, the lava flows, eruptions, and ash plumes from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano may have caused even more damage than as of this date. The destruction from Kilauea has Lasted more than two weeks and displaced thousands of people. Fountains of magma are exploding “lava bombs” 100 feet into the air. …

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The Advanced Academy of Deliverance!

FIRST – THE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF EXORCISM.  NOW – THE ADVANCED ACADEMY OF DELIVERANCE!   Examples of the incredible information and video graphics of our new Advanced Academy.    The School of Exorcism (ISE) is the most complete source of information ever available on inner healing, deliverance, and exorcism. NOW, our new Advanced Academy takes spiritual warfare to a …

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