August 12, 2018

George Whitefield’s Legacy

George Whitefield was an English, Anglican cleric and pioneer of Methodism and, what we know today as, evangelicalism. Short, portly, and cross-eyed he became the most famous clergyman of the 18th century, and sparked the American revival known as the First Great Awakening. I was reminded of his legacy last week while ministering in Washington, D. C. and …

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The Advanced Academy of Deliverance

“YOU CAN’T FIND THIS INFORMATION ANYWHERE ELSE.” Miguel, Advanced Academy of Deliverance alumnus. First, there was the International School of Exorcism: 30 courses with training videos and study guides. Topics included: New Testament Exorcisms, Exorcism in the Early Church, Satan & the Hierarchy of Evil, Curses & Legal Rights, Psychology & Deliverance, Angels & Spiritual Warfare, How to do an Exorcism.     NOW the …

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