October 8, 2018

Limits of Spiritual Authority

Every other week our YouTube exorcism channel presents “Ask the Exorcist,” with episodes featuring fascination questions I receive from around the world. A recent question was so important that I elected to present it in this blog. A viewer from Dorchester, England wrote: Does a husband have the right to break curses and remove demonic …

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Enroll in the School of Exorcism Now!

So you can take the Advanced Academy!* *Eligible to graduates of the International School of Exorcism.    The School of Exorcism (30 courses/30 hours) teaches The Origin of Evil, Curse Breaking, Soul-Healing, Psychology & Mental Illness, Angelology, and How to Cast Out Demons.   Advanced Academy (10 modules/10 hours) teaches Demonic Strategies, Soul Consciousness, Genealogy …

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