November 19, 2018

Epigenetic Evidence

Emerging evidence suggests that the consequences of mistreatment in childhood may persist down the generations, affecting a victim’s children or grandchildren, even if they have experienced no abuse themselves.  “Stress Test,” The Economist, May 26, 2018  Our book “Dealing with Demons,” beginning on page 64, reports regarding the emerging neurobiological study of epigenetics. Citing research published in the journal “Biological Psychiatry,” we explain …

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The Spiritual Event of 2018!

COULDN’T MAKE THE 2018 SCHOOL OF EXORCISM CONVENTION? HERE’S A HIGHLIGHT REEL OF WHAT YOU MISSED!   ONE HOUR OF INSPIRATIONAL INFORMATION ON   EXORCISM, DELIVERANCE, AND INNER HEALING.   TOPICS INCLUDE: Role of Inner Healing in Deliverance, Geographical Designations of Demons, Ministry to MPD, Doing Deliverance Full-Time, Testimony of a Satanic Abuse Survivor, Removing Family Demons, …

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