December 17, 2018

Keep the Occult Out of Christmas

Brynne Larson’s book “The Dark Side of the Supernatural.”  From the perspective of a young woman, her book warns peers and parents about:   Playing with Ouija boards.   Reading paranormal romance novels.   Being fascinated with vampire movies.   Having any associations with Harry Potter.   Each book is personally autographed and prayed over by Brynne and Bob Larson!  To get your …

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Satanic Merry Christmas

Next to a Christmas tree, near a menorah, and not far from a baby Jesus crèche, is a symbol of Satanism. And it’s in the rotunda of the Illinois statehouse, invoking a satanic merry Christmas this year. The sculpture, called “Snaketivity,” depicts a snake around a woman’s hand holding an apple. As in the photo above, a plaque features …

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