January 14, 2019

Bob Larson talks with NPR about satanic music.

LAST FALL IT WAS “EXPEDITION UNKNOWN” ON DISCOVERY CHANNEL. THIS TIME IT’S NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO. Your prayers and support reach millions in ways others cannot. January 18 on National Public Radio BOB LARSON on America’s most listened-to radio show with nearly 5 million listeners. Informative talk about demons, spiritual warfare, and satanic metal music. Hear …

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SLAYER’s Final Tour

For more than three decades they’ve claimed the title of the world’s most satanic band. Now, the death-metal musicians of Slayer are finally calling it quits. After years of extolling the pleasures of uninhibited demonism and hedonism, their thrashing guitars are going silent. At least that’s what their publicity says about their “final world tour.” …

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