May 5, 2019

Demonic Gateways

In classical Greek mythology, the Minotaur god was depicted with the head and tail of a bull and the body of a man. His job was to guard the Labyrinth, a complicated maze. The Minotaur’s history with the Minoans of ancient Crete was also connected to bestiality. This creature appears in Dante’s “Inferno,” in mythic …

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3rd Annual ISE Convention

ATTENTION ALL ISE & AAD STUDENTS & ALUMNI – AND ALL INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE ABOUT EXORCISM AND DELIVERANCE!   This year’s convention will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn DFW South Irving, TX Tel: (972) 313-2800. Reconnect with old acquaintances and make new friends. All-new guest speakers will represent excellence in ministry and vocation.   Registration for two information-packed days is only …

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