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Witchcraft Demons in a Bottle

So-named witchcraft bottles have been washing up on America’s south, Gulf beach shores. Ironically, most bottles were found in a 60-mile section of beach near Corpus Christi, Texas, a site which in Spanish means “the Body of Christ.” It has been happening for years, but a researcher at a Texas University recently decided to investigate …

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Demons Enter by Sun Gazing

You may not be aware of my topic, “Sun Gazing,” but it’s a huge fad among many New Agers and spiritually disaffected youth. Let me warn you up front. It’s dangerous both physically and spiritually. I have ministered to many people who’ve tried it. Some experienced eye damage. Others escaped severe retinal problems, but their …

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Don’t Host a Ghost

Would anyone deliberately want to host a ghost in their home? According to a published article in a real estate web site, a recent homebuyer in Seattle was checking out an “open house” for sale when a chandelier in the ceiling began swinging. A bathroom door closed on its own. The terrified potential buyer ran …

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Demons Enter by Fear

When I started in deliverance ministry, one of the first lessons about evil spirits that I learned was this: Fear is the most common right of entry for demons. In fact, I believe that more people become possessed by fear than anything else. Fear isn’t the most powerful demon. That dubious distinction goes to Lucifer, …

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Happy Halloween-Christmas!

“Happy Halloween-Christmas!” That greeting may sound odd to some, even blasphemous. But mixing the two days is a sign of cultural and spiritual decadence. If you haven’t noticed, the two most-celebrated days of the year, Halloween and Christmas, are gradually morphing into one long autumnal observance. Culturally, this may be acceptable, but I want to …

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