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5 Ways Your Demons are Hiding

Every day I deal with people whose demons are hiding. They may have a sin or shortcomings they can’t overcome. Pornography plagues them; blasphemous thoughts dart through their mind; feelings of despair so strong they momentarily consider suicide. These are a few examples, but you get the idea. Otherwise, they seem okay spiritually. They love …

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Yellowstone Could Damn Your Soul

It’s the most-watched cable TV, streaming show in history. Now in its 5th season, the neo-western “Yellowstone” commands audiences of more than 12 million with some episodes. The series showcases a tough talking, hard living Montana family with a massive ranch, “Dallas” style (Remember that 80’s TV show?). The ranch, named Yellowstone, is supposedly the …

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Are Psychic Gifts Dangerous?

Are psychic gifts dangerous? YES! But not according to a university lecturer in England. Dr. Richard Sugg, author or 13 books, recently told Durham University students that they should welcome ghosts, poltergeists, and so-called lucid dreams. According to Sugg, these paranormal phenomena mean the recipient of such things is gifted with psychic abilities that should …

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How to Get Demons Online

Until recently, getting a demon via the occult took some doing. Effort and investigation were necessary. Take President Abraham Lincoln for example. He served during the first major surge of spiritualism in America. Think things are bad now with online Ouija boards, yoga in churches, and online tarot card readings? A newly published book entitled, …

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What is an Exorcist?

The question seems straightforward. “What is an exorcist?” But the answer isn’t so simple. First, last week the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Krill, declared that President Vladimir Putin is the “chief exorcist” of the Church. Putin’s original invasion of Ukraine was called a “denazification” campaign, an effort to bomb and destroy the …

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