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Stomping on Jesus Pt II

In my March 27, 2013 blog entitled “Desecrating Jesus” I reported as follows: What will happen now that a Florida Atlantic University student has been suspended for refusing to follow his professor’s orders to stomp on the name of Jesus? In an Intercultural Communications class students were told to write the name JESUS on a …

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Perverted Prosecution

A report just released by the U.S. Justice Department reveals that efforts to keep predatory pedophiles off the streets is failing.  More than half the cases to keep perverts detained are being lost.  Now questions are being raised about whether the legal system even has the power to keep such individuals locked up indefinitely.  In …

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Organ Manufacturing

Lab-built body parts are on the rise because organ donors are in short supply. Plus drugs aren’t needed to avoid rejection of a body part implant, if the stem cells are taken from the recipient’s own body. Next on the agenda is growing a larynx and bile ducts. Scientists hope to eventually grow an entire …

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Repentance Omission

Golf great Tiger Woods is back as the world’s #1 on the course. There he is in the latest ad, knees bent, putter in right hand, studying his next move. His eyes intently survey the green.  Bold letters centered on the photo declare; “WINNING TAKES CARE OF EVERYTHING.” After his wife found Tiger texting his …

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Heinous Lies

I do my best to stay informed on any variety of issues. Politics, social trends, and of course, religion. I want to know what the devil is doing. Not just with individual lives, but across the entire cultural spectrum. That’s why occasionally I read contrary opinions, like Salon, a liberal web news site widely respected …

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Teen Lingerie

I wasn’t aware of it, even though I have two teens in my household; but, due to our Christian values, they obviously wouldn’t be affected by the trend in question. It took a news article in a national newspaper to alert me to a growing product line of female, teenage apparel – lingerie. And not …

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Internet Absurdity

I suppose it had to happen sooner or later. American entrepreneurial enthusiasm knows no bounds, especially if a buck can be made. The newest development on the web is so-called “real-world-sex.” Not porn by some film factory in Hollywood, churning out XXX-rated features. These are video clips of real people having real sex, who for …

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Remember the Edsel

Remember the Edsel? I do, and that gives away at least my approximate age. You youngsters listen up, because even though you weren’t around when this amazing car was first marketed, there’s a lesson here for everyone. Introduced in the late 1950s, this uniquely designed car flopped. Its distinctive oval grill wasn’t enough to attract …

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What Would Jesus Brew

There has to be a heading for stuff like this, something like, “You’ve got to be kidding but unfortunately not.” At the top of this category should be the new trend of churches–some of them evangelical–who encourage alcohol parties as a way of Christian fellowship. It’s no secret that many of the clergy and laity …

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