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How Curses Target Your Life

How do curses target your life? This spiritual process of evil isn’t as simple nor as direct as you may think. It has taken me decades of ministry in spiritual warfare to understand what I’m going to share in a few words. But before I begin, we must dispel the theological myth that curses can’t affect Christians. I methodically demolish this faulty supposition in my book entitled “Curse Breaking” and in the courses of Bob ...
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Christian Killer

He wanted to kill more, and he planned to go to a populated area so he could do just that. He had already brutally shot to death his mother, father, and three siblings ages 2, 5, ...

Demons in Hongzas

Hongza in Chinese (Cantonese) it simply means haunted house. And in Hong Kong a house that is believed to have evil spirits, a hongza, is considered hard to sell. Enter Ng Goon Lau, a real estate ...

Imperial Presidency

To anyone who saw the Presidential news conference on Monday this week, as I did, you may or may not agree with my assessment that it was the worst display of hubris I’ve ever seen publicly ...

Ingersoll’s Insight

He was a noted 19th century infidel, though raised in a devoutly Christian home. Robert Ingersoll, an illustrous GOP orator during civil war days, turned against religion because of the harshly bigoted treatment of his abolitionist ...

Youthful Egoism Gone Wild

In an article published by foxnews.com, Dr. Keith Ablow, psychiatrist and Fox contributor, has spoken out on what he calls a “generation of deluded narcissists.” Ablow points to the face that today’s college youth think they ...

Ship of Fear

The devil has a head start on fear for the coming year. While doing some Internet research I stumbled on an ad that immediately caught my eye. Every year it seems that holidays come earlier and ...

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