How Many Ways to God?

Is there one God or many? Does it matter what we call him? One of the classical sayings of Hinduism is this: “God is one, but we call him by many names.” The idea is that all paths that believe in a Supreme Being eventually end up in the same place. Call it Nirvana, Paradise, …

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I came across an interesting study (Oxford University Press) on the subject of swearing, the verbal use of some profane oath or word to shock, exclaim, or register disgust. The root of swearing is, of course, in the ancient effort to solemnly declare something of sacred or social significance. It was the affirmation of some …

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Yoga in Airports

As someone who travels a lot, usually 2-4 days a week in airports and on airplanes, I can testify to the stress of modern transportation. If the cramped seats don’t get you, the food they don’t serve will. Jet lag from pressurized cabins, smelly ill-kept bathrooms, junk food when you really want a salad, and …

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Imperial Presidency

To anyone who saw the Presidential news conference on Monday this week, as I did, you may or may not agree with my assessment that it was the worst display of hubris I’ve ever seen publicly by any President of these United States. For some time I have watched an increasingly imperialistic attitude on behalf …

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Did Jesus Exist?

Richard Dawkins, the noted atheist and anti-religion zealot who wrote The God Delusion, just can’t let it go. His tirades against Christianity grow more strident every day. He goes so far as to proclaim that a serious historical case can be made that Jesus never lived. Is that so? Is the Bible our only hope …

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Most Admired?

The results of the USA TODAY/Gallup 2012 poll are in. The most admired American man and woman in America are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. For Hillary it’s her 16th honor in that position. In Obama’s case, his percentage of admirers doubled from last year. Billy Graham and Pope Benedict XVI only managed a four-way …

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