Yoga in Airports

As someone who travels a lot, usually 2-4 days a week in airports and on airplanes, I can testify to the stress of modern transportation. If the cramped seats don’t get you, the food they don’t serve will. Jet lag from pressurized cabins, smelly ill-kept bathrooms, junk food when you really want a salad, and …

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Ingersoll’s Insight

He was a noted 19th century infidel, though raised in a devoutly Christian home. Robert Ingersoll, an illustrous GOP orator during civil war days, turned against religion because of the harshly bigoted treatment of his abolitionist father. He first rejected austere Calvinism (who can blame him), but then jettisoned Christianity in general and became known …

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Sperm Donor Dilemma

Just when you think that the permutations of modern life have reached the limits of moral absurdity, another conundrum comes along. This time It’s a sperm donor in Kansas whom the state is assessing for child support. It seems that William Marotta, in his effort to be a good neighbor by donating his bodily fluids, …

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Did Jesus Exist?

Richard Dawkins, the noted atheist and anti-religion zealot who wrote The God Delusion, just can’t let it go. His tirades against Christianity grow more strident every day. He goes so far as to proclaim that a serious historical case can be made that Jesus never lived. Is that so? Is the Bible our only hope …

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Most Admired?

The results of the USA TODAY/Gallup 2012 poll are in. The most admired American man and woman in America are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. For Hillary it’s her 16th honor in that position. In Obama’s case, his percentage of admirers doubled from last year. Billy Graham and Pope Benedict XVI only managed a four-way …

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Demon Cliff

All the talk has been about the financial cliff, but legislation can fix that. Congress can turn back the clock and quickly restore what got us into this economic mess. But the spiritual cliff we’ve gone over can’t be remedied so easily. Worse yet, we’re in a moral free fall with no bottom in sight. …

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