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Atheist Prayers

For more than 200 years it has been standard fare for Congress and various state legislatures to begin their sessions with an opening prayer. Invoking the guidance of God in affairs of government is an idea fostered by our founding fathers. In recent years we’ve seen that tradition muddied by in the inclusion of non-Judeo-Christian …

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The Clergy Project

On the Clergy Project web site one atheist on the pastoral staff of an evangelical church says, “I live out my life as if there is no God.” Teresa MacBain, raised Southern Baptist by a preacher father and herself a former Methodist minister, declares that she still “ministers” to people because she “cares about them. …

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What is an Exorcism?

 What exactly is an exorcism? That question needs answering, since Father Gabrielle Amorth, top exorcist in the Catholic Church, recently claimed to have cast out over 160,000 demons while performing more than 80,000 exorcisms. When I’ve been asked by the press how many exorcisms I’ve done, my answer is “nearly 20,000 documented cases.” Obviously, Fr. …

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Paranormal Activity

READ WITH CAUTION/ADULTS ONLY Catching ghosts on camera has become big business. Examples: the four-film “Paranormal Activity film series (a fifth edition will be released this fall); popular ghost hunting shows that draw huge audiences. The idea is to operate a light sensitive camera, preferably one that films in the dark or near-dark. Set it …

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Abortion Agenda

What’s the agenda of those who are pro-abortion? (It isn’t pro-“choice” if the baby doesn’t have a choice.) The passage of a recent Arkansas’ law banning abortion at 12 weeks is telling. The so-called Arkansas Human Heartbeat Protection Act would ban abortions after about 12 weeks when the fetal heartbeat can be detected by ultrasound. …

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