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Brewing Babies

Imagine a baby being born to a man and woman, loving each other in the bonds of Holy, Christian matrimony, and agreeing to bring a life into the world the old-fashioned way, “making love”.  Better imagine it quickly because that concept is fading, going the way of phone land-lines and driving without texting. In our …

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I came across an interesting study (Oxford University Press) on the subject of swearing, the verbal use of some profane oath or word to shock, exclaim, or register disgust. The root of swearing is, of course, in the ancient effort to solemnly declare something of sacred or social significance. It was the affirmation of some …

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Ukraine/Russia Praise Report

In 2011, in the city of Dnepropetrovsk Pastor Bob did an exorcism on a man named Dmitriy. At time we reported: Among the many people responding to Pastor Bob’s message in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, was a huge, 6′-6″ Russian named Dmitriy.  Six strong men struggled to keep him and the demon of Murder under control. Dmitriy, …

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Bob Larson in Ukraine

Pershotravensk is the city where the New Generation Bible College is located. The local congregation of the New Generation movement hosted Bob and the Teenage Exorcist for two Sunday services to kick off three days of intensive training in spiritual warfare. Nearly 3,000 people attended the services, including 500 students from the College. Sunday evening …

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Korean War

Three years ago I stood next to North Korea.  I walked over a wooden bridge to a wire fence that delineated the border between North and South Korea. I peered over into the no-mans-land of the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone). I saw no soldiers, but they were there, somewhere in those hills and behind those trees. …

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Bomb in Boston

It’s Monday night as I write this so I’ll not be specific about the casualties, the terrorist(s), or the motive(s). That would be premature and likely inaccurate. Whether this was an act of international or domestic terrorism probably won’t be known for some time. The heroism and selfishness of first responders and medical personnel are …

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Deliverance is Not Needed

Deliverance isn’t needed. Not if your goals are consistent with contemporary Christianity. Let’s ask a provocative series of questions. Do you need deliverance if. . . You want to establish a well-attended mega-church? You aspire to get a Christian book on the best-sellers charts? You build a huge Christian radio or TV network? You fill …

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