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Stop Talking about the Devil!

Stop talking about the devil! I’ve heard that for most of my ministry. I will stop talking about the devil when I’m dead or when the Lord comes. Why am I so adamant about this? For most of my ministry, I’ve been told that I give glory to the devil by talking about him too much. My response has been, “I have to talk about the devil a lot because most preachers say so little ...
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Sharia in the USA

  Friday, November 8th 2013  Former Bishop of Rochester warnsof Sharia-style bonds in U.K. David Cameron, British Prime Minister. In England, the scene on the left is rapidly replacing the picture on the right! To all ...

Prayer on Trial

  Wednesday, November 6th 2013  Madalyn Murray O’Hair. When and how should Americans pray? The Supreme Court is about to decide. Two curmudgeonly women – JUST TWO DISGRUNTLED WOMEN!!! – may turn the tide of religious ...

Jerusalem’s Curse?

  Tuesday, November 5th 2013  Piece of lead upon which ancient curse was inscribed. On October 3, 2013 I reported on the discovery of an ancient curse found in Roman ruins  (CLICK HERE to read blog). ...

Witchcraft’s Allure

  Monday, November 4th 2013 Promotional poster for witchcraft TV show.   Novel on which TV show about witches is based.   Halloween has come and gone, but witches aren’t going away. The lure of the ...

Bible Censorship

  Friday, November 1st 2013  Harvard University, founded to teach theology and train clergymen. You need to know the Bible. Yes, you, and you, and you. All of you reading this, whether or not you’re a ...

Snake Therapy?

    Wednesday, October 31th 2013     Snake “therapist” prepares her “assistants.” Customer undergoes session. Like to join him? If you haven’t yet heard about this, you will. Things really are getting a lot like ...

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