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Demons Always Say This to Me

Demons always say three things to me: Before I explain the logic behind this countering of what demons say, let’s first deal with the issue of vocal, demonic manifestations. Among those who practice deliverance there are differences of opinion. Some follow what I call “old school” deliverance which taught that you should never allow a demon to speak. If it does utter something, the deliverance minister should tell the demon to keep quiet and come ...
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Demonic Cohabitation

    Thursday, October 17th 2013       WARNING – EXPLICIT MATERIAL – NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN Ke$ha on Jimmy Kimmel show.   Ke$ha with an appropriate Jezebel look.     November 2012 I did ...

Christianity’s Future?

    Wednesday, October 16th 2013       Today’s college students. What do they believe? If you are prone to pessimism I am about to give you some ammunition.  The future of Christianity is not ...

Assassin Kills Kennedy

    Tuesday, October 15th 2013       New book about the Kennedy Assassination. Yes I do remember where I was that day in 1963: a fraternity house at the University of Nebraska.  I was ...

Satan’s House

    Friday, October 11th 2013       Scene inside abandoned house where a satanic ritual with a cross was performed. What would you do, if as a potential home buyer, you were told that ...

Curse of Chucky

    Thursday, October 10th 2013       Chucky the doll serial killer. Heeeee’s back. Twenty-five years ago Chucky the doll serial killer burst on the scene in the movie “Child’s Play.” Now, 40 later ...

The Exorcist Errors

    Wednesday, October 9th 2013       Priest attempts to cast out demons in “The Exorcist” movie. The stairs that Father Karras fell down to his death were fake. They didn’t exist in the ...

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