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Mind Control within Christianity

Some followers of Jesus have become victims of Christian mind control without realizing it. I’m not talking about covens of witches or a cabal of satanists. The mind control I refer to is any system that involves unscriptural manipulation of a person’s beliefs and behavior. This happens when group-think psychological tactics are used to shape an individual’s ideology and theology. An eschatological example would be Jehovah’s Witnesses and their obsession with the 144,000 witnesses of …

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Horror Movies are Demonic – PERIOD!

Horror movies are demonic—PERIOD. Case closed. End of discussion. But I was shocked recently to read an article in one of the most respected Christian, evangelical publications. The writer of this article strained to find something good …


To Break Curses, Do These 3 Things

Are you suffering from a curse that could easily be broken? I’ll not take space here to debate the viability of curses from evil people or ungodly ancestors. My books and Bob Larson University cover that …


The 4 Lies of Hollywood about Demons

Hollywood loves scary movies. They are big money makers. Horror films bring in a billion dollars annually, almost 10% of all movies. And demons are a go-to topic: “The Exorcist,” “Paranormal Activity,” “The Devil’s Advocate,” “The …


Are You Cursed? Do This!

Are you cursed? Do you suspect that someone has put a spell on you? An ex-lover or ex-spouse? An in-law? A Co-worker? An Ancestor? A parent? To fight back, you must first understand how a curse …


4 Things You Don’t Know About Demons

Deliverance, once relegated to purposeful obscurity, is a big deal these days. Due to social media, there is more talk than ever about evil spirits from a Christian perspective. Much of this dialogue is helpful; some …


How to Get Rid of an Unfriendly Ghost

Do you live in a haunted house? Do inexplicable things happen? Stairs creak. You hear footsteps in the hall. Doors, or drawers, open and close when no one is there. Shadows appear out the corner of …

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