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5 Ways To Detect If You Have Demons

With all the talk these days of demons and deliverance, how would I know if you had a demon? I’m going to give you five ways to detect if you do. Of course, there are hundreds of ways that demons enter. But I have broken this down into the five areas demons most generally attack the human condition. This applies in every culture on every socioeconomic level. What I’m saying isn’t exhaustive. If you want …

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Spiritual Hoarding Invites Demons

Are you a hoarder? You can have your living environment perfectly pristine, and still be a hoarder. I’m speaking about being a spiritual hoarder.  A hoarder in the commonly understood sense is someone who hangs on …


The Devil is In the Details of Demon Possession

The devil is in the details. You’ve heard the old saying. It’s not in the Bible. It was a proverb attributed in the 20th Century by Ludwig Mies vander Rohe, a German/American Architect. It meant that …


Beware Deliverance Ministers Doing the Devil’s Work!

I have a serious warning for those seeking freedom from demonic attacks. Beware deliverance ministers doing the devil’s work. Let me be clear about what I AM NOT disparaging—those doing deliverance who are unwise or inexperienced. …


What Harry & Meghan Believe!

For days the world has been transfixed on Prince Harry’s new book “Spare.” (The title refers to his whiny role as a supposed back-up heir to the throne of England, secondary to his older brother William.) …


Do This and You’ll Never Get a Demon

It sounds too good to be true—do this and you’ll never get a demon! Is there really something you can do to avoid an evil spirit entering you? There are three basic classes of people reacting …


How to Live Free in 2023

I’m going to get a jump on the New Year with some solid spiritual advice on how to live free in 2023. 2022 may have been a great year for you, or not. If not, then …

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