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Mind Control within Christianity

Some followers of Jesus have become victims of Christian mind control without realizing it. I’m not talking about covens of witches or a cabal of satanists. The mind control I refer to is any system that involves unscriptural manipulation of a person’s beliefs and behavior. This happens when group-think psychological tactics are used to shape an individual’s ideology and theology. An eschatological example would be Jehovah’s Witnesses and their obsession with the 144,000 witnesses of …

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Don’t Do These 5 Things If You Do Deliverance

One of the most rewarding, and frustrating, parts of my ministry is meeting with people who have already seen one or more deliverance ministers. In far too many cases these outside evangelists were not trained by …


This Is More Important Than Casting Out Your Demons

As an exorcist I spend much of my time helping people get rid of their demons. Many individuals want to walk close to the Lord and have a successful Christian life. But they are hindered because …


If Demons Don’t Speak, They’re Still There!

I’m no stranger to controversy, so I’m going to stick out my neck and say something that will upset some folks. Many people who do deliverance aren’t going to like it. But I can’t stay silent. …


This Is What Demons Really Want From You

Forget about the scary movies you’ve seen regarding demons and the devil. That’s fiction. From “Ghostbusters” to “The Exorcist” and all the horror movies in between, these accounts of what Satan wants from humans aren’t accurate. …


Do Good People Have Bad Demons?

Do good people have bad demons? If you think NO, then I’m about to blow your misconceptions out of the water. Demolish what many of you have always thought about demons. If you’ve taken your cue …


Drag Queen Baseball-What’s Next?

Drag queens and baseball – what’s next? First, it was story hour at your local library or public school with drag queens reading sexually explicit literature to small children. Now the Los Angeles Dodgers have invited …

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