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How Curses Target Your Life

How do curses target your life? This spiritual process of evil isn’t as simple nor as direct as you may think. It has taken me decades of ministry in spiritual warfare to understand what I’m going to share in a few words. But before I begin, we must dispel the theological myth that curses can’t affect Christians. I methodically demolish this faulty supposition in my book entitled “Curse Breaking” and in the courses of Bob ...
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I Have Been Cursed!

I sometimes get the question, “Have you, Bob Larson, ever had an exorcism?” The answer is, “No.” I have not had demons cast out of me. But I have been through deliverance prayers with mature Christians ...

How Many Ways to God?

Is there one God or many? Does it matter what we call him? One of the classical sayings of Hinduism is this: “God is one, but we call him by many names.” The idea is that ...

What is Christ’s Incarnation?

Unlike what you usually hear on social media from today’s Christian bloggers and influencers, this vlog will not be a rah-rah session of punditry. Put on your thinking cap because we’re going to dive deep into ...

Four Most Spiritually Deadly Words

Four of the most spiritually deadly words in the English language are these: “Father was a Freemason.” You could also adapt those four deadly words to any other appropriate proper noun, such as grandfather, great grandfather, ...

Witchcraft Demons in a Bottle

So-named witchcraft bottles have been washing up on America’s south, Gulf beach shores. Ironically, most bottles were found in a 60-mile section of beach near Corpus Christi, Texas, a site which in Spanish means “the Body ...

This is the Key to Breaking Curses

Let me share with you the key to breaking curses. Almost every personal ministry session I conduct, in-person or virtual, begins with prayers to break curses. I’ll not go into the biblical basis of renouncing bloodline ...

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