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Stop Talking about the Devil!

Stop talking about the devil! I’ve heard that for most of my ministry. I will stop talking about the devil when I’m dead or when the Lord comes. Why am I so adamant about this? For most of my ministry, I’ve been told that I give glory to the devil by talking about him too much. My response has been, “I have to talk about the devil a lot because most preachers say so little ...
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Satan’s House

    Friday, October 11th 2013       Scene inside abandoned house where a satanic ritual with a cross was performed. What would you do, if as a potential home buyer, you were told that ...

Curse of Chucky

    Thursday, October 10th 2013       Chucky the doll serial killer. Heeeee’s back. Twenty-five years ago Chucky the doll serial killer burst on the scene in the movie “Child’s Play.” Now, 40 later ...

The Exorcist Errors

    Wednesday, October 9th 2013       Priest attempts to cast out demons in “The Exorcist” movie. The stairs that Father Karras fell down to his death were fake. They didn’t exist in the ...

Madonna’s Dilemma

    Monday, October 7th 2013       Cover of latest issue of Harper’s BAZAAR magazine.   New York wasn’t everything I thought it would be. It did not welcome me with open arms. The ...

Ancient Curses

    Thursday, October 3rd 2013       Ancient Roman curse etched on metal Line drawing of the demon invoked for the Roman curse Curses are nothing new. They have been around for millennia. A ...

Muslim or Die?

    Tuesday, October 1st 2013       The man seen here, a father with five children, was shot by terrorists. He died later.   We now know that the Muslim terrorist group al-Shabab that ...

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