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Stop Talking about the Devil!

Stop talking about the devil! I’ve heard that for most of my ministry. I will stop talking about the devil when I’m dead or when the Lord comes. Why am I so adamant about this? For most of my ministry, I’ve been told that I give glory to the devil by talking about him too much. My response has been, “I have to talk about the devil a lot because most preachers say so little ...
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Miracle of Julie

DATELINE: London, July 7, 2013  In yesterday’s blog I related the miracle of Beth who rode a train 4 hours from Exeter to London seeking deliverance. She was accompanied by her friend Julia who traveled the ...

Beth’s Miracle

DATELINE: London, England Seminar, July 6, 2013 After ministering in more than 100 countries of the world, I finally spoke in one of the world’s premier cities – London, England. What a night it was.  The ...

Decline of Religion

As Americans celebrate July 4th on Thursday this week and remember our separation from Great Britain, I’ll actually be in England. That should be a strange experience, thinking of the Declaration of Independence while in the ...

Pet Charity

The last few years during the Great Recession have been difficult for all ministries. It has been especially difficult for us. Because of our message of deliverance, we receive little support from traditional churches. Ostracized would ...

Myopic Christianity

The evangelical church in America has become myopic. Success in building large, seemingly successful churches has resulted in an insular, know-it-all attitude among many Christian leaders. They understand little of the wider work of the Holy ...

Sexless in Australia

It had to finally come to this. What will the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered) people do about this one? Add another letter, S for “sexless” and make it LGBTS? According to a report by the ...

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