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5 Ways To Detect If You Have Demons

With all the talk these days of demons and deliverance, how would I know if you had a demon? I’m going to give you five ways to detect if you do. Of course, there are hundreds of ways that demons enter. But I have broken this down into the five areas demons most generally attack the human condition. This applies in every culture on every socioeconomic level. What I’m saying isn’t exhaustive. If you want …

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Sperm Donor Dilemma

Just when you think that the permutations of modern life have reached the limits of moral absurdity, another conundrum comes along. This time It’s a sperm donor in Kansas whom the state is assessing for child …


Did Jesus Exist?

Richard Dawkins, the noted atheist and anti-religion zealot who wrote The God Delusion, just can’t let it go. His tirades against Christianity grow more strident every day. He goes so far as to proclaim that a …


Most Admired?

The results of the USA TODAY/Gallup 2012 poll are in. The most admired American man and woman in America are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. For Hillary it’s her 16th honor in that position. In Obama’s …


Demon Cliff

All the talk has been about the financial cliff, but legislation can fix that. Congress can turn back the clock and quickly restore what got us into this economic mess. But the spiritual cliff we’ve gone …


Failed Prophecies

Each New Year is a great time to rethink old issues and establish new priorities. It’s also a hot time for prognosticators of all sorts. But before you make any plans for 2013 based on some …

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