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Demons Enter by Sun Gazing

You may not be aware of my topic, “Sun Gazing,” but it’s a huge fad among many New Agers and spiritually disaffected youth. Let me warn you up front. It’s dangerous both physically and spiritually. I have ministered to many people who’ve tried it. Some experienced eye damage. Others escaped severe retinal problems, but their sun gazing got them something even worse — demons! Let’s start by explaining what this new fascination with staring directly ...
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Deliverance is Not Needed

Deliverance isn’t needed. Not if your goals are consistent with contemporary Christianity. Let’s ask a provocative series of questions. Do you need deliverance if. . . You want to establish a well-attended mega-church? You aspire to ...

Catholic College Conundrum

I’m not Catholic. But if I were, I should think that, since the church is an ordered institution that governs theologically from the top down, I would be obliged to abide by Catholic teaching. Or get ...

Suicide of Rick Warren’s Son

As most Christians know by now, last weekend the son of America’s most famous preacher, after Billy Graham, killed himself with a shot to the head. Rick Warren, mega-church pastor of Saddleback Community Church, announced via ...

Pot Propaganda Part II

Yesterday’s blog referenced USA-TODAY’s Wednesday article entitled, “Young celebs pipe up for pot.” Entertainment artists such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, and even Justin Bieber were cited as extolling the benefits of weed.  In addition ...

Pot Propaganda Part I

A moral sea change is taking place in America. Nowhere is this more evident than the growing acceptance of marijuana use. USA-TODAY, in today’s entertainment section, features a lengthy article entitled, “Young celebs pipe up for ...

Stomping on Jesus Pt II

In my March 27, 2013 blog entitled “Desecrating Jesus” I reported as follows: What will happen now that a Florida Atlantic University student has been suspended for refusing to follow his professor’s orders to stomp on ...

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