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Demons Always Say This to Me

Demons always say three things to me: Before I explain the logic behind this countering of what demons say, let’s first deal with the issue of vocal, demonic manifestations. Among those who practice deliverance there are differences of opinion. Some follow what I call “old school” deliverance which taught that you should never allow a demon to speak. If it does utter something, the deliverance minister should tell the demon to keep quiet and come ...
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Atheist Prayers

For more than 200 years it has been standard fare for Congress and various state legislatures to begin their sessions with an opening prayer. Invoking the guidance of God in affairs of government is an idea ...

The Clergy Project

On the Clergy Project web site one atheist on the pastoral staff of an evangelical church says, “I live out my life as if there is no God.” Teresa MacBain, raised Southern Baptist by a preacher ...

What is an Exorcism?

 What exactly is an exorcism? That question needs answering, since Father Gabrielle Amorth, top exorcist in the Catholic Church, recently claimed to have cast out over 160,000 demons while performing more than 80,000 exorcisms. When I’ve ...

Curse of Cohabitation

It’s official. What you’ve suspected by personal observation is now confirmed by statistics. Unmarried couples are living together longer, and more of them are having children. All of this brings a powerful, evil curse on the ...

The Pope is an Exorcist

A week ago Sunday, Pope Francis was reported as having performed an exorcism in St. Peter’s after celebrating mass. Word traveled quickly, along with photos of the Pontiff laying his hands on the head of the ...

Greed Doesn’t Pay

Last week David Gonzales had a chance at more than $2 million. He ended up with $127,000, still a good amount but almost 90% short of what he could have had. It all came down to ...

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