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Beware Monitoring Spirits

Ever feel like someone is constantly looking over your shoulder? That there is a presence in your house? You may hear sounds or feel a cold chill in the air now and then. Perhaps, you see a shadow out the corner of your eye. You sense someone is behind you, and you quickly turn to see – nothing. It could be your imagination, or it could be a monitoring demon. If you look up “monitoring ...
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Paranormal Activity

READ WITH CAUTION/ADULTS ONLY Catching ghosts on camera has become big business. Examples: the four-film “Paranormal Activity film series (a fifth edition will be released this fall); popular ghost hunting shows that draw huge audiences. The ...

Boston Bomber Admirers

Dzhokhar Tasarnaev should be one of the most hated men in America, but instead he’s one of the most admired – by a certain group of people. Dzhokhar is the younger of the two brothers responsible ...

Abortion Agenda

What’s the agenda of those who are pro-abortion? (It isn’t pro-“choice” if the baby doesn’t have a choice.) The passage of a recent Arkansas’ law banning abortion at 12 weeks is telling. The so-called Arkansas Human ...

Brother Obama is Watching

Big Brother Obama is watching, and in more ways than we imagined. Every day brings revelations that would make Richard Nixon embarrassed. First it was the Associated Press news organization whose phones have been indiscriminately tapped. ...

Brewing Babies

Imagine a baby being born to a man and woman, loving each other in the bonds of Holy, Christian matrimony, and agreeing to bring a life into the world the old-fashioned way, “making love”.  Better imagine ...


I came across an interesting study (Oxford University Press) on the subject of swearing, the verbal use of some profane oath or word to shock, exclaim, or register disgust. The root of swearing is, of course, ...

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