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How to Handle the Demon Discordia

I could write a book on all the names of demons that I, as an exorcist, have encountered. Some demons have garden-variety names connected to human foibles like anger, lust, pride, rejection and so on. Other demons, which are principalities and rule over many demons, have nominal designations. Their names constitute a unique identity. Examples would be Lucifer, Leviathan, Baphomet, Asmodeus. But I’ve learned in spiritual warfare that certain evil spirits are connected to ancient ...
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Perverted Prosecution

A report just released by the U.S. Justice Department reveals that efforts to keep predatory pedophiles off the streets is failing.  More than half the cases to keep perverts detained are being lost.  Now questions are ...

Organ Manufacturing

Lab-built body parts are on the rise because organ donors are in short supply. Plus drugs aren’t needed to avoid rejection of a body part implant, if the stem cells are taken from the recipient’s own ...

Repentance Omission

Golf great Tiger Woods is back as the world’s #1 on the course. There he is in the latest ad, knees bent, putter in right hand, studying his next move. His eyes intently survey the green.  ...

Heinous Lies

I do my best to stay informed on any variety of issues. Politics, social trends, and of course, religion. I want to know what the devil is doing. Not just with individual lives, but across the ...

Teen Lingerie

I wasn’t aware of it, even though I have two teens in my household; but, due to our Christian values, they obviously wouldn’t be affected by the trend in question. It took a news article in ...

Internet Absurdity

I suppose it had to happen sooner or later. American entrepreneurial enthusiasm knows no bounds, especially if a buck can be made. The newest development on the web is so-called “real-world-sex.” Not porn by some film ...

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