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Drag Queen Baseball-What’s Next?

Drag queens and baseball – what’s next? First, it was story hour at your local library or public school with drag queens reading sexually explicit literature to small children. Now the Los Angeles Dodgers have invited a group of drag queens to come out to the ballgame. The so-called Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (The name says it all!) is a fringe queer-group mocking Christianity. These sisters of sacrilege were invited to appear at a Los …

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What Harry & Meghan Believe!

For days the world has been transfixed on Prince Harry’s new book “Spare.” (The title refers to his whiny role as a supposed back-up heir to the throne of England, secondary to his older brother William.) …


Do This and You’ll Never Get a Demon

It sounds too good to be true—do this and you’ll never get a demon! Is there really something you can do to avoid an evil spirit entering you? There are three basic classes of people reacting …


How to Live Free in 2023

I’m going to get a jump on the New Year with some solid spiritual advice on how to live free in 2023. 2022 may have been a great year for you, or not. If not, then …


How to Handle your Christmas Hangover

One of the most stressful times of the year is Christmas. How ironic. We celebrate the Prince of Peace, but for some, the holidays are anything but peaceful. One reason is the unrealistic expectation that the …


5 Ways Your Demons are Hiding

Every day I deal with people whose demons are hiding. They may have a sin or shortcomings they can’t overcome. Pornography plagues them; blasphemous thoughts dart through their mind; feelings of despair so strong they momentarily …


Do This and You May Get a Demon

No one really wants a demon. Well, almost no one, There are Satanists and black magicians who deliberately conjure demons for nefarious purposes such as money, sex, power, or control. But most people aren’t so sinister. …

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