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Mind Control within Christianity

Some followers of Jesus have become victims of Christian mind control without realizing it. I’m not talking about covens of witches or a cabal of satanists. The mind control I refer to is any system that involves unscriptural manipulation of a person’s beliefs and behavior. This happens when group-think psychological tactics are used to shape an individual’s ideology and theology. An eschatological example would be Jehovah’s Witnesses and their obsession with the 144,000 witnesses of …

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Latest New Age Fad – Dark Room Demons!

Three-time NFL-MVP Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers is off on another spiritual journey to nowhere. Twice he has jetted to Peru to take part in witchcraft ceremonies involving the hallucinogenic drug ayahuasca. A shaman …


This Demon And Its Snakes Will Surprise You!

The demon Jezebel has many forms and prototypes of evil. These are alternate identities with different names that have emerged throughout history.  My book “Jezebel—Defeating Your #1 Spiritual Enemy” lists some of them: Isis, Artemis, Ashtoreth, …


Think You Have Demons? Quickly Do These 3 Things!

You’re likely reading this blog because you suspect that you might have demons. Perhaps you are tormented in supernatural ways. Possibly a friend or loved one who has shown an interest in the topic of deliverance. …


Spiritual Hoarding Invites Demons

Are you a hoarder? You can have your living environment perfectly pristine, and still be a hoarder. I’m speaking about being a spiritual hoarder.  A hoarder in the commonly understood sense is someone who hangs on …


The Devil is In the Details of Demon Possession

The devil is in the details. You’ve heard the old saying. It’s not in the Bible. It was a proverb attributed in the 20th Century by Ludwig Mies vander Rohe, a German/American Architect. It meant that …


Beware Deliverance Ministers Doing the Devil’s Work!

I have a serious warning for those seeking freedom from demonic attacks. Beware deliverance ministers doing the devil’s work. Let me be clear about what I AM NOT disparaging—those doing deliverance who are unwise or inexperienced. …

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