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How Curses Target Your Life

How do curses target your life? This spiritual process of evil isn’t as simple nor as direct as you may think. It has taken me decades of ministry in spiritual warfare to understand what I’m going to share in a few words. But before I begin, we must dispel the theological myth that curses can’t affect Christians. I methodically demolish this faulty supposition in my book entitled “Curse Breaking” and in the courses of Bob ...
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Can We Just Ignore Halloween?

Like many of you, I just want Halloween to go away. This year, I started seeing Halloween stuff on store shelves the first week of August. THREE MONTHS EARLY! Now, merchandising is overwhelming. A couple of ...

Can You Get Demons From Baptism?

Can you get demons from baptism? That may be one of the strangest questions I’ve ever posed in a blog. Before you think I’ve raised an irreverent issue, hear me out. First, let’s consider the meaning ...

2 Things I Wish I Had Known About Demons

Students of Bob Larson University know the teaching is extremely thorough — 60 courses, nearly 50 hours of video training, and more than 200,000 words. Nothing like it in the realm of spiritual warfare study has ...

Mind Control within Christianity

Some followers of Jesus have become victims of Christian mind control without realizing it. I’m not talking about covens of witches or a cabal of satanists. The mind control I refer to is any system that ...

You Have Demons and Don’t Know It

As an exorcist I do, on average, nearly 2,000 face-to-face or virtual exorcisms each year. These individuals who seek my help have some awareness that evil lurks inside their soul. In most instances, they don’t know ...
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  XDunamis is Live!

The wait is over. Now is your chance to join this life changing ministry on one online streaming platform! Searching for specific topics has never been easier. Whether you seek guidance on healing, deliverance, curse breaking, ...

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